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Mr. Okano Noboru - The Managing Director of Shin Nippon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.,  Speech at the 10th Anniversary event  


Mr. Okano having introduced himself, welcomed the Special Guests who were present and all the other Invitees for being present for the 10th Anniversary of S N L.

He also thanked the special dignitaries for being present for the event, in spite of their busy schedules and that he is honoured by their presence.

He mentioned that all employees of the Company rallied around to hold a big party where a large gathering of guests were present. He thanked them for their contribution.


Having stated that the Company was established on 23rd July 2008, and he commented that the Global financial crisis had occurred. The Lehman shock had occurred on September 16th of that year and due to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a leading US investment bank. He emphasized that this may be clear in the people’s memories. And the next year the civil war in Sri Lanka ended on19th May 2009, 26 years from 1983.


Dwelling into the past he mentioned that our history in Sri Lanka dates back to the construction of the new Parliament Complex in 1980. Even during the civil war, for 38 years since coming to this region, we have continued our corporate activities without withdrawing from Sri Lanka. Besides the Hilton hotel, we were involved in many construction projects such as Colombo Airport. In addition, we exported prefabricated processed parts produced at our Workshops. These items were installed in 14 countries outside Sri Lanka, such as Maldives, Middle Eastern region, African region, Asian region. We have done 85 other projects in these countries.


Recently we completed Heritance Hotel Negombo, YKK Factory Energy Saving Remodeling work, Toyota Lanka Showroom, RIU Hotel Ahungalla. Shangri-La Hotel Colombo among others. And now because of our customers, through their generosity, gave us work, currently, we are fortunate to be engaged in the building of the SPMC Pharmaceutical Factory, Two Union Square Building, Hilton Hotel Yala, M2M Veranda Office, Toyota Lanka Warehouse, Best Pacific Garment Factory, Aarah Hotel Resort Maldives, RIU Hotel Resort Maldives.


Emphasis was made that, in our history, the path has not been flat at all. There were extraordinary hardships which the seniors overcame. It was a gift to get the great support of our customers and stakeholders who are gathered here. And it is a gift to be able to celebrate the 10th anniversary as a local corporation in this way. It is a gift that our staff has worked so diligently and through that effort we have been able to garner so much trust with our customers. I am truly grateful for this relationship of trust.


Continuing, he said that as you could see, the construction market in Sri Lanka has been performing well, but the business environment surrounding the company is in a very difficult situation as there are many competitors. Under such circumstances, we will continue to provide Japan's quality as a Japanese Company, aiming to further improve customer satisfaction and improve customer's energy efficiency etc. by fully utilizing energy-saving technology.


He commented that in order for it to be a Company that can last forever and become a Company that everyone loves, all employees have made an effort to develop our business. Furthermore, we would appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement, to this end.


Finally, he said, I pray for you and your Company’s continued development and your good health and happiness, from the bottom of his heart. Thank you very much.